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About Nekochii

The Nekochii Adventure

Hi, we're Jen and Kit, the artists of Nekochii!

We love to make stuff about the stuff we love.

Nekochii started all the way back in 2004, where we created our first handmade cosplay nekomimi (cat ears) for people to wear and enjoy. Also, as crafty cats, we love to make a whole bunch of things about the anime, games, and Japanese pop culture we adore so dearly.

So, how did it all start?

Jen and Kit are artists based in Sydney, Australia. When we're not working our day jobs, we travel to anime and pop culture conventions around the Australia selling the handmade goodies we've created.

So, when we first started in 2004, it was really hard to get a decent pair cosplay cat ears at our local conventions. So, Jen decided to design and make them herself. The first kitty ear design was super soft, was available in many colours, and could be attached anywhere in your head using hair clips. At that time, this set of kitty ears was unique in Australia. Jen then created a kitty mascot to help sell the kitty ears, and his name was Nekochii.

Other than nekomimi, what else do you make?

We're always experimenting with different arts and crafts. Actually, aside from cosplay cat ears, we're pretty random in the things we make. Over the years we've made lots of fashion accessories, clothes, charms, toys and stationery. Pop on over to the shop now and then to see what we have!