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Kawaii Pounce! Nekochii's Latest Cute Animal Sweater Collection!

Get ready for a cutie attack - We have 12 little animals ready to cuddle and nuzzle up to you! Let us tell you more about our latest series... Kawaii Pounce!


What's good Nekochii Buddies!


After playing with our cat's paws, we came up with the idea of capturing the "pounce" of a playful baby animal. I can't really express why I feel so smitten about pouncing baby animals... so I'm just going to leave you with these examples:


Red Pandas


 Baby Budgie


 Baby Kitten


... so yeah, you see what I mean? Vicious pawing and nuzzling~ it would be so soft!


In honour of nuzzling animals, we made a range of cuddly pullover sweaters with different kawaii baby animals showing off their cute little paws or wings, ready to give you the cutest attack of your life~ I'll finish with a little preview of our range, but make sure to click through to see all of our designs!


Kawaii Pounce bear bunny greypoint cat kitten panda budgie cute animal pullover sweaters by Nekochii

Kawaii Pounce Bear Calico Grey Tabby Panda Cockatiel Cute Animal Series

Kawaii Pounce budgie grey point fox white cat red panda bunny cute animal series


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  • Alice on

    I really love your ideas and designs but can you actually buy the sweater with the design on it?

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