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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nekomimi?

The Japanese "nekomimi" logically translates to "cat ears" in English. At Nekochii, we make cosplay cat ears (nekomimi) for the dress-ups, costumes, parties or as a general accessory :'3 The origin of the nekomimi stems from the frequent appearance and positive reception of cat-people in various anime and manga series, coupled with the popularity of cosplay (costume play).

Do you take special requests?

Special requests like fabric choice, colour choice and some alterations/modifications can be made with us. Let us know about it, and we will discuss the possibilities with you. Of course not all special requests can be accepted, but we will do our very best and consult with you often as the custom items are developed.

Where do your deliver?

We can ship internationally! 

Why aren't there many international delivery options?

We only offer regular air mail (no tracking) at this current stage. Australia Post, our postal service, has a limited choice of international delivery options that would be economical for for the majority of our customers. We're hoping to improve the situation, and we'll update the shipping options accordingly.

How long before I get my [ insert cute item here ]?

Nekomimi are usually made to order. When we receive your payment, you can expect your items to arrive according to the following timeframe:

  • 3-5 business days to make the items
    • PLUS
  • 2-3 weeks for international shipping (or 1 week for within Australia)

So if you're aiming for a convention, birthday or secret gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend, it is advised that you make your order far in advance. So remember, if you have a deadline to meet, please make your order far in advance and inform us of the deadline.

Pet free and smoke free environment?

Some people may be allergic to pet hairs or tobacco/cigarette smoke, so our products are made in an environment that is pet and smoke free. Jen and Kit are also non-smokers that are unfortunate enough not to own their own baby kittens.


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